デザイナー奥出貴ノ洋(Takanohiro Okude)により、2018年に東京にて設立。

またSS 2020よりリリースされ人気アイテムとなったニットバッグは、日本国内に数台しかない特殊な編み機を使用し、通常の編み機では再現出来ない細かな柄表現が可能なその特性を活かし、インターシャ編みで細かな柄を編み立てている。


Launched in 2018, through the designer’s rich international cultural experience “LASTFRAME” expresses it’s passion for “Made in Japan”. Focusing on traditional craftsmanship gradually disappearing in parts of Japan designer Takanohiro Okude reinterprets and reapplies the craft through his modern and unique designs honed through his previous design backgrounds. The brand aspires to create designs that are borderless timeless and non-binary.
The silk scarves which are the brand’s representative item are woven in the designer’s hometown in Ishikawa prefecture using a time-honoured jacquard weaving technique which has been passed down for over 120 years. The print itself adopts the traditional scarf fabrication techniques of Yokohama which feature hand-rolled edge hemming meticulously sewn one-by-one by expert craftspeople.
Launched for SS20 the popular rib knit bags are produced using special knitting machines which only a few are in existence in Japan. The unique feature of the machine makes it possible to weave fine and detailed patterns applying a technique called intarsia knitting which weaves the threads by switching multiple coloured threads in turn.
By perpetuating these distinguished Japanese techniques through LASTFRAME’s modern designs the brand ensures the traditional craftmanship lives on and is shared with the world.